Nynas Leadership Academy


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Your registration is binding. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to Lantella as soon as possible and may be subject to a cancellation fee for costs incurred for hotels rooms and conference center (see below).

Upon registration, Lantella makes reservations for hotel rooms, meals, conference centers etc. The participant is responsible for cancelling room reservations at the hotel/conference center and is also obligated to cover all charges that may occur as consequence of the cancellation. Cancellation of accommodation should always be made directly to the conference center/hotel five weeks before the program starts.

Cancellations received later than five weeks prior to when a course starts will be invoiced for these costs.


For all inquiries regarding the training, please contact Nynas Client Director, Renate Viering.
Phone: +46 70-780 88 64
E-mail: info@lantella.se